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Comfort Cut Razor Set

Comfort Cut Razor Set

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The TONDEO COMFORT CUT Straight Razor is the most comfortable and efficient option available for all cutting techniques. With its perfect blade length and edge protection, it guarantees a simple and safe shaving experience. The COMFORT blade system ensures quick and secure blade changes, making it a valuable tool for professional hairdressers and stylists in their daily salon work. Made with high-quality materials and featuring a light-weight ergonomic design, this hair shaper promises maximum comfort and ease. Elevate your grooming routine with the COMFORT CUT.



Our TONDEO COMFORT CUT comes with 10 COMFORT CUT blades featuring high-quality chromium nitride sealing and a special coating. This means you can use your razor right away. Use a new blade for each customer for hygiene reasons. Rinse the razor itself daily under running water and disinfect it as needed. An Easy Comfort attachment comb is also included.


  • Ergonomic professional hair shaper
  • Fast and safe blade change
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Includes ten blades and attachment comb
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