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CRAENE Offset 6.0

CRAENE Offset 6.0

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Experience the ultimate in ergonomics with CRAENE Offset 6.0. Designed for joint-friendly work, this shear combines elegance and functionality to create a superior cutting experience. With a curved blade that promotes a relaxed body posture and a sharp, precise cutting edge, every cut will feel phenomenal.


Elevate your cutting game with CRAENE Offset 6.0. Featuring vanadium steel, our scissors are expertly crafted to provide long lasting sharpness and durability. Thanks to an increased vanadium content and sub-zero hardening process, these scissors boast superior resistance to wear and tear. Unlock the power of vanadium steel and take your cutting to the next level with CRAENE Offset 6.0!


Experience clean and precise work in the contour area with the Crane design's duo-blade shape. The ultra-sharp Ultra-Slice DGT (Double Grinding Technology) guarantees exceptional sharpness and cutting stability. And thanks to the flat, convex blade of the lower blade, precise cutting on the skin is easily achieved.


Customizable with adjustable comfort screw. Polished pivot point for smooth cutting action.


High quality hand polished, glossy surface finish. SPECIAL FEATURES Integrated finger rest and ergonomically shaped finger rings provide grip, comfort and more cutting ergonomics

What's Included:

  • Care oil, care cloth, and adjustment key included
  • individual registration number
  • finger ring inserts

Brand quality for every hand - Made in Solingen

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