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Earl Offset 6.0 Tulip (38) Conblade

Earl Offset 6.0 Tulip (38) Conblade

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The TONDEO EARL (38) thinning shears embody the perfect combination of tradition and innovation. Developed in collaboration with professional barbers, these shears are a prime example of extraordinary craftsmanship. Featuring a cutting-edge Conblade design and top-notch quality from Solingen, these scissors are a must-have for any serious barber.

The 38 eroded teeth and integrated cutting edge ensure precision and sharpness, while the sub-zero hardening process guarantees long-lasting durability. The sleek and striking design, complete with a black screw, only adds to the appeal of these scissors. With an ergonomic angled thumb ring and offset handle, the scissors fit perfectly in the hand and offer a comfortable working posture.

The included care set is a bonus, with shear care oil for smooth cutting action, a leather cloth for cleanliness, and finger inserts for a secure grip.

Don't miss your chance to add the TONDEO EARL to your barber's toolkit today!

  • Premium-quality thinning shears
  • Striking design and innovative technology
  • Precision cut
  • Vanadium steel
  • Ergonomic offset handle shape

What's Included:

  • Earl Offset 6.0 Tulip (38) Conblade shears
  • finger ring inserts
  • individual registration number
  • oil pen
  • tension key
  • cleaning cloth

Brand quality for every hand - Made in Solingen

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