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Mythos Offset 5.75 Wave (36) Left Conblade

Mythos Offset 5.75 Wave (36) Left Conblade

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A MYTHOS has to be experienced! Feel, cut, dive into the world of high-precision and a beautiful cutting feeling. You will realize what perfection is. And everything becomes possible. Proven quality from the finger rest to the blade tip made of exclusive vanadium alloy! Super sharp thanks to convex blade, integrated cutting edge and minimum cutting edge angles. Individually adjustable and almost self-cleaning thanks to the effective Autocleaner function. That’s the MYTHOS!

MYTHOS WAVE: 36 eroded, concentric tulip teeth on the upper blade.



Experience the exceptional sharpness and durability of the Mythos Offset 5.75 Wave (36) Left Conblade, crafted from vanadium steel with a heightened vanadium content for maximum longevity. This revolutionary scissor alloying technique combined with a sub-zero hardening process results in unparalleled wear resistance.


Experience the ultimate cutting sensation with Mythos Offset 5.75 Wave (36) Left Conblade. The extreme hollow grounding and convex blade provide maximum precision and control while the concentric tulip teeth of the thinning scissors ensure dynamic work and smooth transitions in longer hair. Passionately crafted for all your hair styling needs!


Fine-Setting screw: base tension adjustable using ergonomic adjustment key; individually adjustable in the finest increments using the adjustment dial. Finely polished special pivot point for easy moving.


High quality hand polished, glossy surface finish. SPECIAL FEATURES Special weight distribution.

  • Premium hairdressing scissors with CONBLADE
  • Perfect slice and cutting properties
  • Individually adjustable screw
  • High-quality hand-polished finish; quality from Solingen, a city known for its premium blades
  • Includes handy care set, leather cloth, and finger inserts
  • Individual registration number

Brand quality for every hand - Made in Solingen

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