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Supra Pacific Blue Offset 5.5

Supra Pacific Blue Offset 5.5

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SUPRA OFFSET Pacific Blue – high-gloss in a in mysterious, deep dark blue – like the unfathomable depths of the Pacific. 

PACIFIC BLUE’ the new elegant color edition in an allergy-neutral titanium nitrate coating. Fine, precise cuts, smooth contours. It’s a breeze for the harmonic TONDEO SUPRA. It allows
particularly good access to hair with its filigree, convex blade and the fine shank.

Vanadium steel: Long-lasting sharpness and longevity due to scissor alloying with increased vanadium content. Increased steel resistance to wear due to sub-zero hardening process. 

Convex blade with integrated razor-sharp cutting edge and minimum cutting angle for extreme sharpness and cutting stability.

Customizable with adjustable comfort screw.
Polished pivot point for smooth cutting action.

High-gloss allergy-neutral titanium nitrate coating

Narrow blade for a fine, precise cut as well as good access to the hair.



Our PREMIUM COLLECTION hairdressing scissors come with the care oil TONDEO DROP PEN OIL for the screw system. This helps you make sure the cutting action stays effortless and smooth. Finger inserts are included to ensure a secure grip and prevent the hairdressing scissors from slipping out of the user’s hand. The accessories are integrated into the high-quality packaging of our SUPRA.


  • High-quality hairdressing scissors with superior cutting properties
  • Individually adjustable comfort screw
  • Durable and resistant to external influences
  • Top-notch quality from Solingen, a city known for its premium blades

Brand quality for every hand - Made in Solingen

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