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TM Razor

TM Razor

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The straight razor TONDEO TM is a true classic. It combines tradition and innovation. In this new version of the proven classic, the corner protection was deliberately omitted. This lets you create the finest of contours using the tip of the blade, so the shaper is perfectly designed for the needs of professional barbers and stylists in day-to-day work in the salon. The matching razor blades are also available from our online shop.


The TM has a solid metal blade holder with a plastic casing. The razor with removable blade is also perfectly balanced, making shaving and cutting particularly easy with the TM. The classic look, featuring a black handle, lends a timelessly elegant appearance.


Our TONDEO TM comes with 10 TCR double blades featuring high-quality chromium nitride sealing and a special coating. This means you can use your razor right away. Use a new blade for each customer for hygiene reasons. Rinse the razor itself daily under running water and disinfect it as needed.


  • Classic professional straight razor
  • Perfect for shaving and contours
  • Shave over the entire length of the blade
  • 10 double blades included
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